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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Natural Beauty

God has created each of us completely unique and perfect in HIS eyes. That is what counts right? Yet, all our lives we are shown images of beautiful women advertising makeup, hair, and skin products. We are told by using this or that we will become beautiful. So naturally, we are self conscious about one thing or another. This "flaw" can consume us as teenagers all through adult hood. Yet that "flaw" is what God says is perfection. Perfection in his eyes is beyond what any superficial photo shopped person can tell me to do. We have to realize this constant nagging will always be with us.
 I am trying to learn how to embrace our own beauty and tell those who tell you different are even more self conscious about them self. I have a friend who models . . . he is the most self conscious person I have met. I  am realizing that constant tracking of food, taking hours to do your makeup is not worth it. I love who I am naturally and the man I want to attract will love me for it. You have to love yourself before anyone else can truly love you.

I am not saying to not wear any makeup I understand It's fun to put on a little. Cut back just wear as little as you can. I personally just wear mascara and brown eye shadow. I want to look the way God attended me to. A lot of times I will see a girl at school with makeup caked on. What I see is a girl hiding under that makeup. She is scarred of being turned down or not approved of. I cannot count how many times I wish I would have told those girls that they are much more beautiful without the mask and the only approval you need is God's. Everyone has experienced that time when you see a girl with usually tons of makeup where none. (shocking right??) After looking for a little while you stop seeing the clone this modern world has made out of her and see who God created. I want to start giving more compliments. For me a compliment will make my day or even week. Such little words change your entire outlook at times. So, Why not spread the happiness, but I will only compliment on natural beauty aspects.Giving the hint that who they are is beautiful. Oh, and when receiving a compliment come back with something negative about yourself (that's satin). Say "thank you" and something nice back. Life is too special too waste on worrying about makeup. Have fun and be yourself.

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