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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Natural Beauty

God has created each of us completely unique and perfect in HIS eyes. That is what counts right? Yet, all our lives we are shown images of beautiful women advertising makeup, hair, and skin products. We are told by using this or that we will become beautiful. So naturally, we are self conscious about one thing or another. This "flaw" can consume us as teenagers all through adult hood. Yet that "flaw" is what God says is perfection. Perfection in his eyes is beyond what any superficial photo shopped person can tell me to do. We have to realize this constant nagging will always be with us.
 I am trying to learn how to embrace our own beauty and tell those who tell you different are even more self conscious about them self. I have a friend who models . . . he is the most self conscious person I have met. I  am realizing that constant tracking of food, taking hours to do your makeup is not worth it. I love who I am naturally and the man I want to attract will love me for it. You have to love yourself before anyone else can truly love you.

I am not saying to not wear any makeup I understand It's fun to put on a little. Cut back just wear as little as you can. I personally just wear mascara and brown eye shadow. I want to look the way God attended me to. A lot of times I will see a girl at school with makeup caked on. What I see is a girl hiding under that makeup. She is scarred of being turned down or not approved of. I cannot count how many times I wish I would have told those girls that they are much more beautiful without the mask and the only approval you need is God's. Everyone has experienced that time when you see a girl with usually tons of makeup where none. (shocking right??) After looking for a little while you stop seeing the clone this modern world has made out of her and see who God created. I want to start giving more compliments. For me a compliment will make my day or even week. Such little words change your entire outlook at times. So, Why not spread the happiness, but I will only compliment on natural beauty aspects.Giving the hint that who they are is beautiful. Oh, and when receiving a compliment come back with something negative about yourself (that's satin). Say "thank you" and something nice back. Life is too special too waste on worrying about makeup. Have fun and be yourself.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Progress progressing too Fast

In English we are currently doing a chapter about new technology and it's effect on the world good and bad. I'm having a hard time grasping the ideas our paranoid teacher is trying  to teach. Technology already exists that can read minds with an MRI scanner. His big discussion question is that of freedom vs. protection. In order to be safe how much freedom are willing to give up. Ever since the horrific date of 9-1-1 everyone you don't know could be a terrorist. What happen to God's message of Jesus walking along the "lowlifes" and if you don't remember he pretty much grew up in the ghetto so why are we so scared of our own shadow??? As a follower we are supposed to trust him completely. Yet with this whole government control struggle I have a hard time piecing through the layers of deception to truly see what God wants me to see and know. Power is knowledge right?? So why is the government hiding so much in order to know everything about us? With this unit I am realizing how blissfully nieve I have been  about my amount of privacy. As a human one of the greatest things I treasure is my alone time with God. I guess it is kind of like how God is always watching and knowing what you are doing. Yet, he does this to help you with his greatest all knowing grace. When a human flaud and all try to take  this power as well. Glitches and self-power will end up leading to corruption. Haven't learn from history too much human power in one area of control always ends up bad?

My biggest thing is that with Facebook I know how jobs and everything check it before hiring you. MAny people  have lost great possibilities this way. AS our generation we are too stuck in this digital world of putting yourself completely out their its OK to give your opinion just be careful.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Lately I have fallen in love with the artist Priscilla Ahn. My favorite song is called dream. I connect with her yearning to hold on to her child dreams and struggling to take the dreams and make then her life. Her voice speaks the truth of how I feel right now but at the same time at the end of the song she switches form "I have a dream" to "I had a dream". Which troubles me, to me children are essence of God's joy and love in life. The ability to dream and think of the most craziest ideas is what were supposed to always do.  Age should not dictate your mind's capacity. People say the wisest are the oldest because the observe and see the little things . . . I think the youngest are the happiest because they see all the things we miss therefore the wisest.  They know exactly who they are. Whenever I am with kids I have no doubt God smiles through each of their little faces. He teaches me more through them the anyone else. Especially my little niece lets call her Grace. Grace will hear a commercial on television with music and breaks out in a dance moving with the beat with little stomps, head sways, and arms wiggle. She giggles softly to herself without a care in the world. When she sleeps she clutches her Elmo doll with this look of  absolute peace. I wish i knew what she did. I constantly hear how everyone wants there kids to reach certain goals (crawling, hoping, saying the alphabet) by a specific time or else they are behind. That does not ever end. High School is constantly pushing the students to never sleep constantly working. Yet for what? To reach those dreams we made when we were little. Everyone is unique yet we are pushed to conform into the teaching standards. I see how the teachers are frustrated with having to do so but they have to. I am learning to be the child I was to smile through God and dance just because.